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Helping job seekers stand out & hear back

At LinkedIn, I worked on various projects that cover touchpoints immediately after a job seeker’s application is submitted. I designed both sides of this marketplace, solving problems in the job seeker and hirer experience.

The journey map of job seekers and hirers.


Lead designer (2019 - 2021)


Design, Engineering, Research, Product, Marketing, Operations & Support


Figma, Sketch, Invision, Principle, GSlides


Strategy, Concept Ideation, Workshop Faciliation, Rapid Iterations, Motion Prototyping, Presentation

Job Seeker

Job seekers often feel uncertain after applying to a job. They’re not sure what to do next or when they might hear back. They resort to applying to more jobs.

I’ve redesigned job pages to accommodate the needs of users after applying to a job and reimagined jobs tracking to help users stay updated. In our latest feature updates, we’re already seeing a 30% increase in stand-out actions engagement and 10% decrease in member support tickets.

Photo 1: Application submission mobile screen. Photo 2: Job page after applying on mobile.


To solve the black hole of applications problem, LinkedIn aims to help job seekers hear back from hirers quicker, whether updates are positive, negative or neutral.

In my most recent project, I’m investigating how we can design automated workflows to assist hirers in saving time and sending more updates. This exciting challenge involves designing for trust and considering the synergy between two marketplaces.

LinkedIn Jobs applicant management screen on web.

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