Case Studies

Selected academic projects

During my undergrad as a senior design student, I worked on many fun product design team projects. These were fundamental stepping stones that helped shape me as the designer I am today.


UX Designer, Interaction Designer, Content Strategist, User Researcher


Sketch, Principle, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Keynotes, Final Cut Pro

Selections by DWR

Service Design & Brand Strategy (4 weeks)

This is a digital application created for Design Within Reach that allows customers to engage with products' authenticity. It allows consumers and potential customers curious about design to discover and learn beyond the designer products themselves; it shows the story behind the authentic products through a series of curated and educational in-store tours.

Spotify Concerts

Mobile Experience & Brand Strategy (4 weeks)

This is a music experience engaging users seamlessly from the mobile platform to the live event. With a partnership between Spotify and Ticketmaster, it initiates an ecosystem where Ticketmaster can identify and sell tickets to real fans to solidifying Spotify’s spot in the streaming market by continually improving their music lovers’ experiences.


Tablet Application & Educational Initiative (4 weeks)

Cultivate is a classroom application that allows teachers to work together in mapping out the yearly school garden. There are customizable garden layouts and a selected plant database that takes annual successive crops, companion plants, and yearly crop rotation into consideration.

Vancouver Art Book Fair

Service Design & Experience Strategy (12 weeks)

Connecting a series of event touchpoints to bring forth discovery, engagement and support of artists through an exhibitor welcome guide, exhibitor table template, event map and artist matchmaking.